Today we are going to really delve into a topic that is very common, but very rarely discussed in Real Estate …..mistakes!

I know it is a bit scary for an “expert” Real Estate Investor to talk about what we did wrong. Shouldn’t we really be talking about everything we did right?

Isn’t part of being an expert making something very difficult appear effortless?

Won’t that guarantee more clients?

A better image?

More of an authority?

Personally, I think not.

My belief is that in Real Estate, Learning is Doing.

You can take all the courses you want, but at some point , to truly become an active Real Estate Investor, you need to take action.

And when you do, the REAL learning begins.

You will see first hand …..

Negotiations in real life are much different when real people (and not instructors) are on the receiving end.

Paperwork is endless yet unavoidable and you must learn how to do it AND read between the lines.

People (experts, sellers, team members and other investors) are not always what they seem to be.

Properties are much different in reality than on paper, especially in regards to cash flow.

Funding deals is not fun unless you do it properly!

Budgets are often broken.

But it is impossible to learn any of these lessons until you actually get your hands dirty and go for it! But when you do, mistakes are inevitable.

And as long as you are learning from your mistakes, that’s fine.

And that’s what our book “Real Estate Mistakes : Our Mistakes . Your Success” is about. Mistakes we made on our Real Estate Investing journey and how we learned from them.

But the purpose of this book is , how we can help investors like YOU learn from them so YOU don’t have to learn the lessons the hard way like WE did!

Let OUR Mistakes lead to YOUR Success!

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